How-To Build a Base

Base-building is back in Vanilla DayZ Mod 1.8.8! 

Base Buildings Rules HERE.

We support vanilla, generic base-building of  wooden walls, gates and sandbag walls. Whatever vanilla enables, The Dead Return will have. Nothing more.
You’ll need the following tools and supplies:

  1. eTool – found mainly in military areas.
  2. Tool Box – for gates
  3. Hatchet – to chop trees, to make planks from logs and wood piles from planks
  4. Pickaxe – to mine rough stone
  5. Duct Tape and Levers – to fix broken handles on pick axes and hatchets.
  6. Padlocks – to put a lock on your gate. Found only at castles
  7. DIY Wood – to build wooden walls
  8. DIY Gates – to build wooden gates
  9. DIY Metal- Removed in release because it didn’t have a purpose.
  10. Rough stone – mine from rocks
  11. Wooden Logs – harvest from trees
  12. Sandbags – to build sandbag walls
  13. Sawn Planks – created from wood logs
  14. Wood Piles – created from Sawn Planks
  15. Nails – can be crafted from metal sheets (diamond plate)

Construction sites and trains are a great place to loot for supplies.

Here is a guide from  another website.

There is a menu item called “lock”. If you lock a portion of a base, other players cannot continue building it.


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