Extra Loot

Believe me, there is extra loot. Now, you may run around and not find anything and that’s ok. Let me explain.  The DayZ Mod Vanilla loot system is implemented in a double-random fashion.

  • First, there is a random chance (%) that any loot will spawn in an area.
  • Second, there is a random chance (%) that specific loot will spawn in an area.
  • Third, there is a maxinum number of lootpiles that can exist in an area.

On this server, the chance for #1 is set to 85, meaning that #2 will almost always be evaluated. On Vanilla DayZ Mod , it ranges from 10% to 80%, depending on the location.  Even if #1 was set to 100%, it’s still possible that loot won’t spawn.

Loot is specific to buildings, tents and areas. For example, I think most people notice that military weapons are in military areas and building supplies are in factories and trains, etc.

Zombies also have specific loot. For example Soldier Zombies might have a grenade, while Doctor Zombies might have antibiotics and regular Zombies might have food or drinks. Kill one and find out.

Loot takes time to spawn and respawn. If you drive or fly quickly into an area, it may be a minute or two before loot spawns. If someone has already looted an area, it will take 10-15 minutes before loot respawns. If you are in an area, you’ll need to wander ~300m away and come back.

Go here to see a list of the harder-to-find items and where to look for them.


5 thoughts on “Extra Loot

  1. Quick note about the NVG’s they do spawn inside barracks on this server. I have 3 pair (the first 3 I’ve ever seen) all from barracks and barracks only.


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