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Long Story about why you should donate

I hate to ask, but running a server costs money. In fact this server costs ~$26/month (paying quarterly). I absolutely need your help to keep it running. If you like playing, please consider donating to defray the cost of server hosting.

Even a small $5 donation goes far. If we get ~500 unique players that login each week, and ~1% or 5 players donated $5, we’d be set for the month.

Per Bohemia Interactive, Donations are allowed for Arma2 servers, and  Monetization is not. The full definitions are below, but in general (donor perks = monetization) and are not allowed. Donations are good will, benefit the entire server and are allowed.

And YES, we know that other servers offer donor perks. Take that up with them and Bohemia Interactive, since we know that they crack down from time to time.

Other than that, it’s all good will. Please donate – All donations go DIRECTLY into the hosting account. There are no refunds.

From the Bohemia Interactive FAQ

Donation is a voluntary gift without any counter-value. You do not offer any perks or rewards for such donations and players do not expect anything back. This is allowed and does not require our approval.

Monetization happens when players, unlike with donations, receive some kind of reward or perk for their money. This requires our approval. Some examples of allowed rewards are perks which do not affect gameplay, e.g. custom textures, skins, forum badges, reserved slots, product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship. You can also sell in-game items which do not affect gameplay in any way (e.g. special hats, designed shirts with logos, etc.) – generally everything cosmetic is allowed.

On the other hand, perks and rewards such as providing in-game money, weapons, ammo, vehicles, discounts, vehicle spawns, housing and any other gameplay affecting features are not allowed and will not be approved.

Last chance – Donate Now!

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