About The Dead Return

The Dead Return (previously The Dead Walk) is a Vanilla+ DayZ Mod Survival & PVP Server.

The IP Address is, Port 2302 and it located in New York.

Please donate. We always need your support!

The Dead Return is based on Vanilla DayZ Mod with the following modifications.


  1. Walking+Running Zombies- Walking zombies were too predictable and easy.
  2. Custom AI Missions – Over 20 written by me. Based on DZMS
  3. Group System (DZGM)
  4. Extra Points of Interest – I scoured the internet for the best available
  5. Humanity-Based Loadout – Levels for  Survivor / Hero / Bandit
  6. Extra Loot – Trust me or read the explanation.
  7. Increased Max Vehicles to 100- I’ve analysed it and that’s plenty.
  8. Custom Spawn Inventory for all vehicles – Vanilla has a subset of what’s here.
  9. Turned off the heat/temperature requirement – Meh
  10. Added all allowed vehicles to the spawns and missions – Vanilla just got these in 1.8.8.
  11. Some Extra Scripts – some useful features.
  12. Custom Splash Screen – Oooh, impressive.

It’s a delicate balance to try and encourage survival and pvp at the same time. There are enough weapons & vehicles and I don’t want epoch, so suggestions that encourage survival and movement around the map are the best.

I expect you to behave and be respectful. Please read the player behavior post, but if you don’t, these are the basics:

  1. Hacking/Glitching/Duping/etc = Permanent BAN
  2. Combat Logging = Temporary BAN and/or DEATH
  3. DISRESPECT = Permanent BAN

your owner, admin & developer,

Ski Goggles



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